Sunday, May 3, 2009

Womens Figure Competition

Let me tell you right off the bat what I love about this book. You can see the results that people have gotten from authentic testimonials and photos. Let me tell you…you CAN’T fake bodies like these.

Okay, so is this book the real deal? If you’ve been following figure competitions for a long time, you’ll know it is. This book has everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that you can possibly want in order to prepare for your next figure competition. Let me go over just some of what’s inside.

The book is written by THE Karen Sessions. I am sure you have heard of her. She is known as MsFit in the fitness industry and has been in bodybuilding for 20 years. Okay, this isn’t some hack who’s written this book.

She goes over dieting in complete detail. What to eat, what not to eat, how much, etc. She makes it so that dieting isn’t drudgery. You’re going to love this section of the book.

She goes over how to prepare for a fitness competition…everything from practicing your routines to even what to wear. If there is a question that you have about this industry and what’s really needed to succeed in it, it’s in this book. If it’s not, trust me, it’s not worth asking.

One of the best parts of the book is where she talks about supplements and which ones to avoid just before the competition so that you don’t hold water weight on stage. This is something almost nobody thinks of.

Look, I could go on for an hour about this amazing book but why don’t you just visit Karen’s site and see for yourself. Look at all the testimonials and photos from people who she has helped get into amazing shape.

Here is the site where you can get more information.

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