Thursday, May 28, 2009

Womens Figure Competition -- 3 Tips

3 Killer Figure Competition Secrets

Figure competitions are exciting as it gets. The rush you get from competing can’t be duplicated by anything else. That’s why when you DO compete, you want to have every competitive advantage that you can. Well, this article is going to share 3 killer figure competition secrets that should have you winning more than your share of these, provided you put in the necessary work to get to this point.

So let’s start with that. Make sure you eat a proper diet and work out regularly. If you don’t do this much, all the competition secrets in the world aren’t going to mean a hill of beans. You have to actually fit the part before you worry about looking the part. Okay, now for the 3 killer secrets.

The whole thing comes down to posing.
The first secret to this, and maybe the most important, is you MUST pose to the audience. In other words, you want to make eye contact. You want them to see you looking at them while you’re doing your posing. This engages them. Too many models look all around and ignore the audience. This is a HUGE mistake. Let them see you looking at them.

Next, choose a piece of music that is also going to get the audience excited. Past competitions show that pieces such as “The Impossible Dream” and “My Way” really do the trick. Why? Because these pieces get people worked up. Music is a powerful part of a posing routine. The wrong musical piece can put the audience asleep. This can literally kill your chances of winning. So pick an exciting piece of music.

Finally, before you go live with your routine, have somebody film you doing it. You need to see what you look like so that you can make improvements if necessary. There is no way you can possibly know if your posing is any good or not unless you film yourself. So don’t skip this part. It is critical to getting your routine down just so.

There are more things you can do to prep for your big day. Here, you’ll find a resource that will provide you with everything you’ll need to perform a winning routine every time.
Get in the best shape ever with this.

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